[TFT] Does Ionic Spark Stack in Teamfight Tactics? (Patch 9.20)

(Aug 14th: This article has been updated for TFT Patch 9.16 where Ionic Spark’s damage has been reduced from 150 to 125.

July 31st: This article has been updated for TFT Patch 9.15, where Ionic Spark’s True Damage has been reduced from 200 to 150)

In the current meta we’ve seen an increase in popularity for Ionic Spark, especially in the early game.

Since there’s no details in-game about item stacking, this brings up the question “Does Ionic Spark Stack in Teamfight Tactics?

[TFT] Does Ionic Spark Stack?

Currently, YES, it does stack. As of Patch 9.16, Ionic Spark has been updated to stack so now 2 of them should deal 250 True Damage whenever an enemy unit casts their ability.

[TFT] Does Ionic Spark Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
[TFT] Does Ionic Spark Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
With this update, Ionic Spark joins the other items that do stack in TFT (for example, Guinsoo’s Rageblade does stack) and this could be pretty OP in most cases, despite the damage nerf.

What has yet to be tested if they stack properly both on the same champ or on different champs. We’ll update this.

(Updated Aug 15: Just tested it, 2 Ionic Sparks on the same unit stack properly, but currently there’s a bug where if Hextech synergy disables the unit with the Sparks, after the disabling is removed, the Ionic Sparks still don’t fire, so basically they’re disabled for the entire round. Riot is looking into this at the moment of writing the article.)

Ionic Spark Bugs in Patch 9.15

In the current patch there have been some bugs reported by players regarding the interaction of the Ionic Spark.

The most common one is that if you put Ionic Spark on a unit that’s on the bench, its will still deal the 150 True Damage to enemy champions when they use their Abilities (I tested this and for me it didn’t deal any damage when on the bench).

This is obviously stupid because this guarantees the item will trigger for the entire duration of the fight. If you were to put it on a champion on the map, if they die, the Ionic Spark’s damage doesn’t trigger anymore.

Another issue reported by some players has to do with the fact that if you equip the Ionic Spark after the fight has already begun, it won’t deal any damage for that fight. I’ve had this happened in one of my games as well, so it’s a confirmed bug.

Though, this only has to do with the item effect, because the stats granted by it apply correctly (+20% Spell Power and +20 Magic Resist).

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