[TFT] Does Luden’s Work on Lucian? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Aug 21 Update: Luden’s just got nerfed in TFT Patch 9.16B, its damage has been reduced from 200 to 180).

I’ve seen a lot of people asking on different forums: “Does Luden’s Work on Lucian in TFT?“, so I decided to write this quick post on this.

[TFT] Does Luden’s Work on Lucian in Teamfight Tactics?

Yes, it does and it actually works fantastic early-to-mid game.

Lucian is one of the best units to put Luden’s Echo on early game, because he has a low mana bar, only 35, which mean he will regen it pretty fast and will use his Dash “Relentless Pursuit” quite often.

[TFT] Does Luden's Work on Lucian?
[TFT] Does Luden’s Work on Lucian?
Now, some players get this wrong saying that both his attacks after the Dash apply Morello Burn and proc Luden’s, but this is wrong.

After using his Relentless Pursuit, he attacks an enemy twice, first with Attack Damage and 2nd with Spell Damage. That’s why only the 2nd shot will proc Luden’s and apply Morello.

Another reason for which Lucian is great to put Luden’s on early game is that you can get the 3 nobles (Garen, Vayne and Lucian usually) early and eventually at level 4 you can add another Knight like Morde or Darius, so you’ll have the 15 damage reduction as well.

And if it happens that the Noble buff applies on Lucian at the start of the fight, he will live long enough to melt the enemy units. This should carry you through the early game easily.

But since Luden’s doesn’t stack, another great item to put on Lucian is Statikk Shiv, which does stack. So let’s say you get the item drops to build a Luden’s and 2 Shivs on Lucian early. This means he will deal 180 splash Magic damage from Luden’s proc, and also every 3rd attack will proc Shiv which will deal 200 Magic damage, minus the mitigated damage from Magic Resist.

This means, usually with 2 autos, the Shivs proc and Luden’s splash damage, you can kill any unit that’s not a tank or doesn’t have the Nobles buff on them. And Lucian can cycle through this pretty fast because of the Attack Speed and low Mana bar.

The problem is, Lucian falls off mid-to-late game, so you’ll have to sell him and put Luden’s on someone else, like Ahri if you play Sorcerers/Wilds.

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