[TFT] Does Morello Work on Garen? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Aug 14: This article has been update for TFT Patch 9.16, when Morello’s Burn damage has been increased to 10 seconds)

Morello has become a top tier item in the current meta and it will still be, even after the the small nerf it received in TFT Patch 9.15B.

While Morello is more popular on AP champs like Kennen, Karthus or Brand, one popular question is: does Morello work on Garen in TFT? This is what we’ll discuss in this article. We already talked a bit about this in the Morello Stacking article, but here we’ll get into more details.

[TFT] Does Morello Work on Garen?

Yes, it does work and in some team comps, it works really great. When he’s got his Mana bar filled up, he casts his Ability Judgement and starts spinning for 4 seconds, dealing Magic Damage to all adjacent enemies.

Since this is an Active Ability, it also applies the Burn effect from Morello (which was reduced to 20%, down from 25% in Patch 9.15) to all enemies he hits with his sword while spinning.

[TFT] Does Morello Work on Garen?
[TFT] Does Morello Work on Garen?
Also, a few micropatches ago, Riot also fixed the bug where Garen would spin even though there aren’t any enemies near him, and now he moves to the closest enemy unit.

While the Burn from Morello doesn’t stack in TFT, as we explained in a previous article, it still works great on Garen because he can damage (and apply the Burn effect) up to 6 melee enemy units, assuming he’s tanky enough to survive the damage taken, so that he can cast his Ability.

We wrote a full guide on Garen Positioning in TFT to make sure you get the most out of him as a beefy front-liner. The whole point of Morello on Garen is to make sure he gets to use his Ability, otherwise he’s useless.

That’s why, one thing you can do is put a GA on him as well. Currently, GA is still a great option and works fantastic in combination with Morello, because even though he might get damaged down to zero without using his ability, he will revive with 800 HP and the same amount of mana he had before GA popped, and will use the ulti that will apply the Morello Burn.

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