[TFT] Does Morello Work on Graves? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

I’ve seen many players asking on different forums if Morello works on Graves in TFT, so I decided to write this short article to clarify it.

[TFT] Does Morello Work on Graves?

No, it doesn’t. The reason is how Graves works. He is one of the few champions in TFT that don’t have mana and don’t have an Active Ability. Instead, he has a Passive Ability “Buckshot” which deals splash damage to enemies in front of him when auto-attacking.

But this Passive Ability modifies his basic attacks, so he never activates any Ability, which is required to proc the Morello’s burn.

[TFT] Does Morello Work on Graves?
[TFT] Does Morello Work on Graves?
So, putting Morello on Graves would be a total waste of the item. He would only benefit from the Health stats, but that’s all.

Pay Attention to Graves in Champion Carousels

So, since it’s totally useless to put Morello on Graves, you’ll probably never do it, but there’s one thing to pay attention to: make sure not to pick Graves with Giant’s Belt and Graves with Needlesly Large Rod from Champion Carousels, because they will be upgraded into a level 2 Graves if you have 3 copies of him.

For example, in the first Shared Draft round you picked Graves with Giant’s Belt on him. Then you also get another Graves. Now you have two of them.

Make sure you’re not picking another Graves with the Large Rod in the next Carousel, because the game will automatically level up your Graves to 2 Star and also combine the items into the Morello.

And at that point you pretty much have to sell him to remove the item and put it on someone useful (we discussed in another article that this is the only way to remove items from champions in TFT, currently).

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