[TFT] Does Morello Work on Vi in TFT? (Patch 9.20)

Vi has been recently added to TFT with the release of Patch 9.16, among 3 other units as part of the Hextech origin: Camille, Jayce and Jinx.

I’ve seen a lot of players asking on different forums or boards: Does Morello Work on Vi in TFT? This is what we’ll discuss in this article, along with other Vi tips.

[TFT] Does Morello Work on Vi in Teamfight Tactics?

Yes, it does. Vi’s ability is somewhat similar to Pyke’s ability, they both target the furthest enemy unit and damage the units they collide with.

That’s why, Vi with Morello on her will apply the Burn effect on all enemy champions she hits while she’s charging to the furthest enemy. Just like Pyke who would also apply the Burn effect on all enemies he passes through.

[TFT] Does Morello Work on Vi in TFT?
[TFT] Does Morello Work on Vi in TFT?
The difference between her ult and Pyke’s ult is that she only knocks them way and damaging them, while Pyke’s ult will damage and stun them.

Vi Can Cancel Abilities with her Ult

Another interesting interaction of her ult is that, by knocking the units away, she can also cancel abilities that have a channeling time, like Karthus ulti or MF’s ulti.

So, if Karthus is channeling his ulti and Vi is heading to wards him or another enemy unit, but on her way there she knocks Karthus up, he won’t finish his spell cast.

Other units that can cancel abilities are Cho’Gath with his knockup, Leona and Pyke with the stun or Jayce with his knockback or Gnar when they transform.

Is Morello good on Vi?

Probably not the best option. Usually you see tank items on her, like Warmogs or Frozen Heart, but it also depends on who you’re fighting against.

For example, if you’re fighting against a lot of units that can heal or carries with lifesteal, then Morello would be great on her, because with a good positioning, she can hit a lot of enemy units, applying the Burn effect for 10 seconds, which means you’ll take away all the power from Shapeshifters or carries with Bloodthirster/Hextech Gundblade.

Also, at level 2 she has a decent damage, and adding Morello on her will allow her to deal even more damage over time, which could be game-changing sometimes. But usually, you take Morello for the heal disabling, not for the damage.

Know that you know that Morello does work on Vi in TFT, good luck testing this build and let us know your thoughts if it’s worth building it on her or not.

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