[TFT] Does Rageblade Stack in Teamfight Tactics? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Update Aug 28: Attack Speed Cap has been increased to 5 in TFT Patch 9.17. Previously it was capped at 2.5.

Update Aug 14: TFT Patch 9.16 didn’t bring any changed to Rageblade, so everything detailed below still applies.

Update Aug 7: Patch 9.15B Update – Rageblade now grants 5% per stack, up from 4% in previous patch. You can read full TFT Patch 9.15B notes here.)

If you played or watched a few dozen TFT games, you’ve probably seen Kassadin, Vayne, Varus or Volibear with 2 Guinsoo’s Rageblade on them.

[TFT] Does Rageblade Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
[TFT] Does Rageblade Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
I’m pretty sure it was frustrating to deal with and now you’re thinking about trying this build, but you’re wondering “Does Guinsoo’s Rageblade Stack in Teamfight Tactics?“.

Does Rageblade Stack in TFT?

Yes, it does. At the time of writing this article (Patch 9.15), Guinsoo’s Rageblade does stack and in some team comps, this gets really nasty, depending on who you’re stacking them on.

Does Rageblade Stacking Ignore Attack Speed Cap in TFT?

Sadly, no, it doesn’t. There’s an Attack Speed Cap in TFT at 5 which can’t be passed, even though Rageblade’s description in game says “stacks infinitely” (though I’ve seen some situations where the Attack Speed cap has been ignored for a short period of time, not sure if it’s a bug or it’s something intended; but that happened for a fraction of a second, then it webt back down to 2.5; need to look into it).

I tested double-Rageblade stacking multiple times on units like Vayne, Kassa or Draven, it never passed 5 AS.

Later in the game, a Draven with double Guinsoo’s and a Rapid Firecannon will reach this Attack Speed Cap quite easily, which means you’re actually losing item benefits, the longer the game goes.

TFT Level 2 Draven with Double Rageblade Stacked, Attack Speed Capped at 2.5
TFT Level 2 Draven with Double Rageblade Stacked, Attack Speed Capped at 2.5 (now it’s capped at 5)

Basically, stacking 2 Rageblades on a Vayne, for example, will increase her Attack Speed by 10% for each basic attack he does. Also, the basic stats stack as well, so he will start the fight with 40% Spell Power and 40% Attack Speed.

All you need is a bunch of tanks protecting the Vayne and in a longer team fight, it can easily get to 2.5 Attack Speed, which is insane, considering her Passive Ability and the fact that her True Damage dealt by the 3rd Silver Bolt is increased by the +40% AP as well.

Which are the Best Champs to Stack Rageblade on?

The answer to this question is largely influenced by the game phase you’re in. While Rageblade is great on some champions early game, the same units might become useless as the game progresses, so you’ll have to sell them and stack Rageblades on different champs.

Usually, stacking Rageblade works best on Ranged units, but there are also some melee champs that are literally broken with stacked Guinsoo’s on them.

If you get the needed basic items to build 2 Rageblades early in the game, you should thank the RNG Gods, because this is quite rare and in theory this should carry you to mid-game easily, no matter who you’re stacking them on.

But there are some great options which are really OP. One of them is the almighty level 2 Kassadin with 2 stacked Rageblades on him.  He’s one of the best 1 Gold cost units to stack them on, because his passive Ability is disgustingly powerful.

Not only the 40% AP will increase the mana he drains from the enemies and also increase his shield, but the Attack Speed stacking infinitely from the Rageblade will make him almost unkillable as the round progresses.

Vayne is another great option for stacking Rageblades. Since her Ability is passive and every 3rd Silver Bolt deals true damage, any Attack Speed item is great on her, but Guinsoo’s is the best item undoubtedly.

Other units that benefit from stacking Rageblade are Varus, Shyvana, Draven, Volibear or Nidalee.

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