[TFT] Does Red Buff Stack in Teamfight Tactics? (Patch 9.20)

(Aug 29: Since TFT Patch 9.17, the Burn Effect (Grievous Wounds) doesn’t fully prevent healing, instead it reduces it by 80%.

Aug 14: This article has been updated for TFT Patch 9.16, when Red Buff’s damage has been increased to 20%, and the duration of the Burn effect has also been increased to 10 seconds.)

Red Buff is fantastic in any auto-attack based team comps, like Rangers or Gundlingers. It works great versus team comps that rely heavily on healing, either it’s the 6-Nobles enemy or maybe Warmog’s Shyvana, or even versus Darius with Dragon’s Claw, Warmog and Thornmail.

[TFT] Does Red Buff Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
[TFT] Does Red Buff Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
This brings up the question: does Red Buff stack in TFT? This is what we’ll talk about in this article, and also we’ll see how this relates to Morello’s burn effect.

Does Red Buff Stack in Teamfight Tactics?

No, Red Buff doesn’t stack in TFT. You can put 2 or 3 Red Buffs on the same unit, but the Burn damage will be the same, 20% from enemy’s max Health over next 10 seconds, while preventing healing. This is similar to how Morello works, which also doesn’t stack.

Or even if you have 3 Red Buffs on 3 different units that attack the same enemy champion, the Burn effect on the enemy unit won’t stack, they will still take 20% of their max Health over 10 seconds.

How Red Buff works on multiple auto-attacks or multiple champions

So basically a single auto-attack on an enemy unit is enough to apply the Red Buff burn on them.

If you have Red Buff on Tristana and at the beginning of the fight she auto-attacks once an enemy unit and then Trist will get stunned and killed, the Burn damage will still deal 20% of the enemy’s unit max Health over next 10 seconds and will prevent healing.

But if Tristana keeps auto-attacking that unit multiple times during the fight, the Burn effect from Red Buff will reset with each auto-attack. So the first auto-attack will apply the Burn effect which will deal 2% max Health damage per second for 10 seconds, and each subsequent auto-attack from Tristana will reset the Burn effect to 10 seconds again.

And this interaction is the same even if multiple champions with Red Buff auto-attack the same enemy unit. Each hit will just reset the Burn effect, without them stacking.

How Red Buff Works on Graves in TFT

Graves is a pretty special unit because he’s one of the few Champions in TFT that don’t have an Active Spell. He’s got a Passive Spell which makes his basic attacks deal splash damage to nearby enemy units.

[TFT] Red Buff Graves
[TFT] Red Buff Graves
What’s great about his Passive is that it applies on-hit effects. We already explained in this article how Red Buff Graves works in TFT.

How Red Buff Works on Volibear in TFT

Volibear has also a nice interaction with on-hit items because his Ability “Thunder Claws” will make his attacks bounce between enemies and deal damage, while also applying on-hit effects. So in this regard, is similar to Graves, because every enemy unit that’s hit by the Red Buff Voli’s bounced attack, will get the Burn effect.

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