[TFT] Does Runaan’s apply on hit effects in TFT? (Patch 9.20)

Patch 9.15B Update: Runaan’s damage was buffed from 25% to 75%. You can read full TFT Patch 9.15B notes here.

Runaan’s Hurricane is considered by many experienced TFT players a top tier item in Teamfight Tactics, so most beginners just follow their advice and build Runaan’s on champions like Ashe or Vayne, without asking themselves why is it good on certain champions.

Does Runaan’s apply on hit effects in TFT?

One of the most common questions regarding Runaan’s in TFT is if it applies on-hit effects, as it does in League of Legends.

The short answer is: YES, it does.

Does Runaan's Hurricane apply on hit effects in TFT?
Does Runaan’s Hurricane apply on hit effects in TFT?

In Patch 9.14, Runaan’s Hurricane has been updated, and it now does apply on-hit effects. This is actually a major buff for it, even though it now attacks only 1 additional target for only 25% (previously it fired 2 additional attacks and they dealt 50% damage each).

How to build Runaan’s Hurricane

In order to build Runaan’s, you need to combine a Spatula with a Negatron Cloak. And if you ever wondered what does Spatula do it TFT, you can read this article where we explain what it does and why it is a top tier basic item.

Champions that Benefit from this 9.14 Patch Update

Prior to 9.14 Patch, Runaan’s Hurricane was used pretty much on any auto-attack based ranged champion, but after this update, there are a few champions that benefit the most out of its on-hit effect.

Runnan’s Hurricane on Glacials

Currently, Glacials are probably the best champions to equip Runnan’s on. This is because of their Origin bonus, which gives their auto attacks a chance to stun the targets for 2 seconds:

(2) Glacials have a 20% Chance to Stun

(4) Glacials have a 30% Chance to Stun

(6) Glacials have a 45% Chance to Stun

Now image you’re going for a Glacial comp and you already have all 6 of them and they get the 45% Chance to Stun the targets they auto-attack. This means that every other auto-attack (1 out of 2 attacks) will Stun the target for 2 seconds.

Let’s say you put Runnan’s Hurricane on Ashe (which is one of the best units to put it on) and she also has a Rapid Firecannon and a Rageblade. This means she starts the round with more than 1.1 Attack Speed and it stacks infinitely with 4% per attack.

Now every time she auto-attacks, her attacks have a 45% chance to stun 2 enemy units, instead of one. Basically, Runnan’s Hurricane alone almost doubled Ashe’s effectiveness. And since her Attack Speed will increase because of the Rageblade, she has the potential to perma stun 2 enemies for the entire round.

That’s what makes Runaan’s Hurricane a top tier item for Glacial comp.

Runnan’s Hurricane on Demons

Demon champions are another great option because of the Runaan’s on-hit effects. Their Origin bonus allows their attacks to burn all of an enemy’s mana and deal that much as true damage:

(2) Demons have a 25% Chance on Hit to Mana Burn

(4) Demons have a 50% Chance on Hit to Mana Burn

(6) Demons have a 85% Chance on Hit to Mana Burn

Now imagine you have at least 4 demons. This gives them a 50% chance on hit to mana burn enemies and deal to them true damage equal to the amount of mana burned.

Let’s say you put Runaan’s Hurrican one Varus, along with a Rageblade and Rapid Firecannon. Every time he attacks, not only he has 50% chance to steal mana from 2 enemy units, but also deal to them true damage (this is huge because true damage ignores armor or magic resist).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the amount of damage dealt by the additional hit from Runaan’s doesn’t influence the amount of mana burned and true damage dealt.

I know this article was a bit longer than expected, but we didn’t want to only answer the question “does Runaan’s Hurricane apply on hit effects in TFT?“, but also help you understand how to make the most out of it, by putting it on champions that scale better with it.

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