[TFT] Does Statikk Shiv Stack? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Note: Statikk Shiv has been changed in TFT Patch 9.16, so we updated the article accordingly. Now it damages 3 units for 100 Magic Damage)

Statikk Shiv became one of the most built items especially in the early game. While it does fall off a bit in the late game, where it’s damage is low compared to unit’s Health, early to mid game is still very strong.

[TFT] Does Statikk Shiv Stack?
[TFT] Does Statikk Shiv Stack?
This raises up the question: does Statikk Shiv stack in Teamfight Tactics? If one Shiv is good on Vayne or Lucian, is it better to put 2 or 3 Shivs on them? Let’s find out.

[TFT] Does Statikk Shiv Stack in Teamfight Tactics?

Yes, it does. Stacking 2 Shivs on a champion will make his 3rd attack deal 200 splash magic damage (mitigated by the Magic Resist) to the attacked target and 2 additional targets. 3 Shivs will just triple the damage.

Though, there’s a strange (and not confirmed yet) interaction of how the stacked Shivs target the units they deal splash damage on.

Stacked Shivs Damage

One Shiv

For one Shiv it’s easy, it deals 100 magic damage to the unit that’s been hit by the basic attack that activated the Shiv and 2 additional units. Here’s an example where a Tristana with a single Shiv damages 4 units (the numbers in blue are the damage dealt by Shiv, which is less for those units with Negatron Cloak, because they mitigate more damage).

[TFT] Tristana with a single Statikk Shiv
[TFT] Tristana with a single Statikk Shiv (before Patch 9.16)

Two Stacked Statikk Shivs

But what happens with 2 Stacked Shivs? Do they all hit the same 3 champions for 200 damage? What if there are 6 units on the map? Will each Shyv proc independently and there’s also a chance that they hit all 6 enemies for 100 damage?

Since there’s no official resource on his, I had to test and watch frame by frame lots of videos with stacked Shivs and here’s what I found.

It seems like they hit the same 3 units, but for double the damage.

[TFT] Lucian with 2 Stacked Statikk Shivs
[TFT] Lucian with 2 Stacked Statikk Shivs (before Patch 9.16)
As you can see, now 4 units have been damaged for 166 or 142 magic damage. In this case Tristana had a Hush, that’s why she took less damage than the others who received 166.

I’ve seen this happen also for 3 Shivs as well. I’ve never seen 2 or 3 Shivs damaging more than 4 units per proc. The only issue was when less than 4 units remained on the map so one Shiv proc damaged the same unit multiple times, since it had to damage 4 units.

But in Patch 9.15B they fixed this so now if there’s less than 4 champions on the map, Shiv will damage only once each of them and that’s it.

Who should you stack Statikk Shiv on?

Well, this is easy. If a unit it’s worth putting Shiv on, it’s also worth stacking them. For example, Vayne works very well with stacked Shivs because she doesn’t have an active ability so she will always attack, without losing time casting the ulti.

Lucian is another great option, and if you use him in Gundslingers/Blademasters comp, he can literally one-shot the entire team. Here’s a video for inspiration:

I’ve also seen stacked Shivs on Varus as well, but personally I think there are better items for him, especially late game.

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