[TFT] Does Titanic Hydra Stack? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Sep 24 Update: In TFT Patch 9.19, Titanic Hydra has been updated to deal 3% Max Health to target and adjacent enemies behind them.)

You don’t see Titanic Hydra very often in TFT, but when you do, it’s usually on champs that benefit most out of like, like Graves.

[TFT] Does Titanic Hydra stack in Teamfight Tactics?
[TFT] Does Titanic Hydra stack in Teamfight Tactics?
One question you might have is: does Titanic Hydra stack in Teamfight Tactics? Is it worth putting 2 Titanic Hydras on Graves, for example? Let’s see.

Does Titanic Hydra Stack in TFT?

Yes, it does stack. Putting 2 Hydras on a unit will result in their auto-attacks dealing a splash damage equal to 20% of their max Health.

Who Benefits most from stacking Titanic Hydras?

Well, the answer to this is simple: stack them on the unit that also is worth wearing the Hydra. Since there are no other complicated options for stacking Hydra, it simple doubles the splash damage, it means if a unit is worth putting one Hydra on them, it’s also a good idea to put 2 Hydras.

Now, the debate comes down to which champions are best with Hydra, but we’ll cover this in a separate article, since it’s a different discussion.

For example, Graves is a popular option for Hydra. This also makes him a great option for staking 2 Titanic Hydras on him as well, because his auto-attacks are fired in a cone-shape, hitting multiple enemy units, and Titanic Hydra is multiplied by this.

It’s more or less similar to stacking Red Buff on him, as we covered in a separate article.


Someone posted on Reddit a short video of how double-stacked Titanic Hydra Graves worked in one of his games. You have to admit, he seems quite OP. Of course, it helped that he was running 4 Gunslingers, so Graves also fired additional attacks with also applied the double-stacked Titanic Hydra damage, but even so, it does seem pretty interesting to try, right?

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