[TFT] Does Warmog’s Stack in Teamfight Tactics? (Patch 9.20)

(Aug 14: In TFT Patch 9.16, Warmog’s has been updated it heals a maximum of 400 health per tick. This mostly nerfs its effect on PVE dragons)

Even though Warmog’s Armor isn’t considered an S-tier item in the current meta, it is still at the top, and it is a must-have for some champions like Shen or Yasuo.

[TFT] Does Warmogs Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
[TFT] Does Warmog’s Armor Stack in Teamfight Tactics?
Since item stacking in Teamfight Tactics seems to be really OP, many players wonder: does Warmogs stack in TFT? Will I regen double or tripple the health if I stack them? Let’s see.

[TFT] Does Warmog’s Stack in Teamfight Tactics?

Yes, it does. It stacks additively, meaning that if you stack 2 of them, your unit will regen 12% of max Health per second, while stacking 3 Warmog’s will regen 18% of max Health per second.

But according to Patch 9.16 change, it means that Stacking 3 of them on a champion with 3k Health won’t Regen as expect 18%, because it is capped 400 Health/second.

Best champs to stack Warmog’s on

Well, just because it does stack, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it.

Usually, you would want to get items that also help you deal damage, so you could use the Giant’s Belts for Morellos (Morello doesn’t stack by the way, as we explained in this article) or even to build Red Buff in a Gunslingers/Blademasters team comp (Red Buff also doesn’t stack).

But, if RNG gives you 4 Giant’s Belts early and you want to use them for Warmogs, here’s who you could stack them on.

Shen is a great option early game for stacking 2 Warmogs, because of his ability Spirit’s Refuge that allows him to dodge attacks. This gives him plenty of time to regen the missing Health, because he could take only magic damage during that time, which isn’t a high DPS early game.

Darius, Garen or Rek’Sai are also great Tier 1 and Tier 2 units that get stronger with stacked Warmogs.

Yasuo is also a great option, not necessarily because of the Health Regen, but also because of his Exile Origin Bonus that, at the start of the fight, grants him a shield equal to his Health. So basically any Health item on his has double the benefit.

Stacked Warmog’s on Shapeshifters

Warmog’s Armor is also great on Shapeshifters, like Swain, Gnar or Shyvana. You can try stacking it on them as long as you don’t have better items to put on them. As I said earlier, stacking Thornmails or Warmogs is nice, but you also need someone to deal damage while your beefy front line tanks the enemy’s damage.

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