[TFT] Do Red Buff or Morello Prevent Nobles Bonus Healing? (Patch 9.20)

(Aug 29: Since TFT Patch 9.17, the Burn Effect (Grievous Wounds) applied by Morello doesn’t fully prevent healing, instead it reduces it by 80%.

Aug 14: This article has been updated to reflect the Morello and Red Buff changes in TFT Patch 9.16).

July 31: This article has been updated to reflect the Nobles Bonus update in TFT Patch 9.15, but the effects’ interaction hasn’t changed)

When you’re dealing with tanky champions that have any kind of Health Regen, your two options to counter this is to use Red Buff or Morellonomicon, because they prevent healing.

The question is, do Red Buff or Morello prevent/disable healing granted by the Noble’s Bonus?

[TFT] Do Red Buff or Morello Prevent Nobles Bonus +35HP Healing?

As of Patch 9.17, Morello now reduces the healing by 80% instead of preventing it. Basically, Nobles healing is treated as a normal healing.

Yes, they do. As of TFT Patch 9.16, now Morello and Red Buff prevent units with Noble’s buff to heal 35 Health when they auto-attack. Previously, the Burn effect didn’t affect Noble’s healing, but apparently it was a bug that they fixed with this patch release.

If you’re playing Nobles, the class bonus will grant to one random ally or the entire team +60 Armor & Magic Resist and heal 35 HP on hit. This means not only they will take less physical damage from auto-attacks, but each time they auto-attack, they will heal 35HP.

[TFT] Red Buff Doesn't Prevent Nobles Healing
[TFT] Red Buff Doesn’t Prevent Nobles Healing

—– Outdated (we keep the below part for reference) —–

The thing is, this Bonus healing isn’t affected by the burn applied by Red Buff or Morellonomicon (at least this is how it works currently in Patch 9.15B).

This “strange interaction” has been mentioned on LOL Boards and it’s been confirmed by other players as well, yet we didn’t find an official answer from the TFT Team that confirms or denies this is how it’s supposed to happen.

[TFT] Morello Doesn't Prevent Nobles Healing
[TFT] Morello Doesn’t Prevent Nobles Healing
Considering the fact that Red Buff and Morello mention in their in-game description that they prevent healing, it would be expected that any health regen would be disabled, including the one from the Nobles bonus, but for some reason it isn’t.

This means, if you’re playing a 6-Nobles team comp, going Red Buff or Morello will be a waste of items, so instead focus on other methods to counter them.

For example picking Glacials to stun them, so they can’t auto-attack to heal +35HP, or build the Sword Breaker on a fast-attacking ADC who has a 25% to Disarm enemies for 4 seconds (preventing them to auto-attack).

Glacials are great against Nobles because one of the strongest points of Nobles comp is Kayle, because her Ultimate at level 2 (which is achievable in the late game) will make 2 allies untargetable for 3 seconds. But with a 6 Glacials comp, you can pretty much perma-stun the enemies, so they won’t be able to use their abilities.

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