What Does Disarm Do in TFT? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

If you’re new to Teamfight Tactics, you might wonder what does disarm do in TFT? Is it worth buying the Sword Breaker?

TFT: What Does Disarm Do?

Disarm is a form of Crowd Control that disables basic attacks. Basically, a champion that’s disarmed can’t auto-attack for the duration of this effect.

TFT Sword Breaker: Disarm your enemies

TFT Sword Breaker: What Does Disarm Do?
TFT Sword Breaker: What Does Disarm Do?

There is an item in TFT that does just this: Sword Breaker. It has a 25% chance on-hit to Disarm for 4 seconds the unit being attacked. Also, since it’s built out of a Chain Vest and a Negatron Cloak, it also grants the champion that’s wearing it 20 Armor and 20 Magic Resist.

This makes it very effective versus units that rely heavily on basic attacks, like a level 2 Draven with Rageblade, Bloodthirster and Rapid Firecannon. Basically, it is good versus Varus or any other ranged carry with attack speed items on them.

So basically if you put Sword Breaker on one of your ranged carries like Varus, whenever he auto-attacks an enemy unit, each attack has a 25% chance to disarm that unit, meaning that unit won’t use their basic attack for 4 seconds (unless the Disarm applies again).

Even though the Sword Breaker is not considered a Top Tier Item in TFT, against some team comps it can prove to be an item that can win you a game.

Champions good with Sword Breaker

One champion worth putting Sword Breaker on is Blitz. His Special Ability “Rocket Grab” and his Robot bonus make him a great option for this item.

He starts the match with full mana, his “Rocket Grab” pulls the farthest enemy that’s not an assassin and the next basic attack knocks up the target.

Imagine playing vs someone with an annoying ranged carry like Varus or Draven. A level 2 Blitz with Sword Breaker would do an amazing job vs such an opponent because he will Rocket Grab the enemy ranged carry, dealing 450 magic damage, his first basic attack knocks up the target and has a 25% chance to Disarm him (in TFT Patch 9.15 Blitz had his mana bar reduced from 150 to 125, which means he’ll cast his subsequent abilities faster).

Yes, this means 1 out of 4 attacks, but even the first auto-attack can proc the Disarm. This means Varus or Draven won’t be able to auto-attack for the next 4 seconds (or more, if you Disarm them again). And the nice part is that your ranged carries will also focus the target Blitz just pulled, because it’s closer to them.

This, in theory, translates into a totally useless enemy carry that’s literally taken out of the fight. This alone can win you the match.

Besides Blitz, you can also put this item on a ranged carry with Runaan’s Hurricane on him. This is what we’ll discuss next.

Items Good in Combination with Sword Breaker

Runaan’s Hurricane could work very well with Sword Breaker, because since the Patch update 9.14, it applies on-hit effects for the additional hit. So for each auto-attack from the champion wearing Sword Breaker and Runaan’s Hurricane, it has a 25% to Disarm for 4 seconds 2 targets.

If you want to build Runaan’s Hurricane, you would need to look out for Spatulas in Shared Drafts (check this article to learn what Spatula does in TFT).

Frequently Asked Questions About Disarm in TFT

Can the Disarmed Units Cast Their Abilities?

Yes, they can. Disarm only stops them from basic attacking, but they can use their ability if they have full mana bar.

Does Disarm Stack?

Yes, it stacks, meaning that if the unit is disarmed initially for 4 seconds, and in that interval your unit has an attack speed high enough to attack once per second, this in theory would guarantee another Disarm proc once in every 4 seconds, so this could lead to a perma-disarm. That’s why Disarm works great vs auto-attacking champions.

Does Disarm Work for the Gunslinger’s Secondary Attacks?

Yes, it’s like for the Hurricane. Any basic attack has a chance to trigger it. Or any ability that applies on-hit effects.

Does Yasuo’s Tornado Trigger Disarm?

Yes. In Patch 9.15, Yasuo’s ability Steel Tempest applies on-hit effects. Which means whenever he casts the Tornado on the 3rd time he uses his ability, all the knocked-up enemies have a chance of 25% to be disarmed.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what Disarm does in TFT, you need to understand that many players consider Sword Breaker an OP item because of the Disarm effect and already complained on different forums and boards about it.

This means there’s a slight chance in the future for Riot to change this in one of the following patches, if they consider it needs to be nerfed. We’ll update this article accordingly when this happens.

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