What Does Spatula Do in TFT? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

Patch 9.19 Update

6 Knights 4 Imperials or 6 Knights 2 Rangers are top tier this meta, which makes every lobby have at least 1-2 players rushing for Spatula in order to get a Knight’s Vow to get the 6 knights buff.

Many new Teamfight Tactic players often wonder what does Spatula do in TFT? Its description says nothing about it, so is it worth going after in Shared Draft Rounds?


What Does Spatula Do in TFT
What Does Spatula Do in TFT

Spatula is one of the best basic items in the game in the current meta (we consider it S-tier, being top 2 alongside the Recurve Bow) and we already wrote another in-depth article explaining why is Spatula good in TFT.

But in this article we’ll focus on explaining what it does and how to use it.

What Does Spatula do in TFT?

The short answer is: by itself, it does nothing; but combined with other basic items, it upgrades into some of the most powerful items in the game in the current meta. (Note: The S-tier items list might change considering TFT is in its early stages so the game is updated quite often; we’ll do our best to keep the articles on this website updated for the recent patches).

There are 8 unique items that require Spatula in their recipe, and 6 of them change your unit Class or Origin, while the other 2 give you other perks.

What Makes Spatula an S-tier Item in Teamfight Tactics?

To understand how powerful Spatula is, you need to know what items it combines into and how powerful they are.

TFT Spatula Combinations & Item Builds
TFT Spatula Combinations & Item Builds

Spatula + B.F. Sword =>  Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Youmuu’s Ghostblade makes the champion that wears it an Assassin and also doubles the B.F. Sword stat, meaning it adds in total 40 Attack Damage to your unit (compared to the +20 Attack Damage increase from the B.F. Sword alone).

Also, now that the champion is an Assassin, it will act like one, meaning at the start of the round it will jump on the farthest enemy. That’s why you shouldn’t put this item on a carry that you want to sit behind your tanks and deal tons of DPS.

Spatula + Chain Vest => Knight’s Vow

Knight’s Vow makes the unit that wears it a Knight and also doubles the Chain Vest bonus Armor, meaning it will add 40 Armor to your champion.

Knight’s Vow isn’t a top tier item in the current meta, because the Knights bonus, even for 6 units on the map, is weaker than other bonuses from other classes or origins.

Spatula + Giant’s Belt => Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet makes your champion also a Glacial and doubles the Health granted by the Giant’s Belt, meaning it increases your champion’s Health by 400.

Frozen Mallet is a top tier item in TFT in the current meta, because 6 Glacials Comp is still a very powerful strategy in Patch 9.15.

Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod => Yuumi

Yuumi makes your unit a Sorcerer and doubles the Spell Power offered by the Needlessly Large Rod, meaning it will increase your champion’s Spell Power by 40%.

Yummi is not considered a top tier item and you should consider saving the Spatula to put it to better use.

Spatula + Negatron Cloak => Runaan’s Hurricane

When equipped on a unit, Runaan’s Hurricane attacks 1 extra unit for the 75% damage and applies on-hit effects, and also doubles the Magic Resist from the Negatron Cloak, which means it adds in total 40 MR to the unit that’s wearing it.

Runaan’s Hurricane has been changed in Patch 9.14 and while now it attacks 1 extra unit (instead of 2 previously) for 25% damage (instead of 50% previously), the major change that makes it a top tier item is that now it applies on-hit effects, making it OP on Glacial champions, like Ashe.

Runaan’s has been changed again in Patch 9.15B, and now deals 75% damage on the additional attack.

Also, Runaan’s could work well with Sword Breaker to Disarm enemy ranged carries (read this article to understand what does Disarm do in TFT).

Spatula + Recurve Bow => Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King makes your champion a Blademaster also and doubles the Attack Speed of the Recurve Bow, meaning it adds 40% Attack Speed to your champion.

Blade of the Ruined King isn’t considered a top tier item in TFT, but it might work in some team comps. Usually we suggest using Spatula to upgrade it to other items which are top tier.

Spatula + Spatula => Force of Nature

Force of Nature grants your team +1 size, which makes it one of the best items in Teamfight Tactics. This allows you to place on the map one more unit than your current level.

This +1 team size bonus granted by Force of Nature is stackable, which means if you get 4 Spatulas and combine them all into 2 Force of Nature, you can add on the map 2 more units, which is really OP in the late game. This will allow you to get those 6 Glacials you need, along side Draven and Gnar, Cho, Karthus or whatever comp you’re after.

Spatula + Tear of the Goddess => Darkin

Darkin makes your unit a Demon also and doubles the Mana granted by the Tear of the Goddess, meaning it adds 40 Mana to your champion’s Mana bar at the beginning of the fight (here’s our article about champions with initial starting mana).

Darkin isn’t considered a top tier item in the current meta, but feel free to upgrade to it if you need an extra Demon to get the Demon Origin Bonus. Otherwise, we recommend saving Spatula for other top tier items.

Top Tier Items That Require Spatula

To sum up what we said before, the top 3 items you can use your Spatula for are:

1) Force of Nature

2) Frozen Mallet

3) Runaan’s Hurricane

What makes them top tier? Well, they’re versatile and their perks can really help you build some top tier comps.

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