[TFT] When Can You Surrender in Teamfight Tactics?

When TFT was first released on the live server, available to everyone, many people complained about the item drops from minion rounds, so many new players wanted to just leave after the first 3 rounds, that’s why they wondered when can you surrender in TFT?

When Can You Surrender in TFT?

Currently, in Teamfight Tactics you can surrender once you passed 10 minutes, which usually happens around the Krugs round (this is known as round 9, which is actually the 6th round in the 2nd stage).

When Can You Surrender in Teamfight Tactics
When Can You Surrender in Teamfight Tactics

How to surrender in Teamfight Tactics?

Once you passed 10 minutes, you can surrender in 2 ways:

1) Either press “Esc” key and click Surrender button at the bottom of the screen

2) Or press “Enter” to type something in chat and type “/ff” (without quotes).

Can I leave before the surrender option is available?

Yes, you can always exit the game or close the League of Legends client, but your Little Legend will still keep playing the game for you, just as if you were AFK.

All this means is at the start of each round, your team will be placed on the map in the last configuration you used before you left and at the end of the Shared Draft rounds you’re automatically assigned one of the champions. Also, since you get XP after each round, if it happens for you to level up while you’re not playing, the game will automatically put on the map the maximum number of units allowed, assuming you have available champions on the bench.

Can you start another TFT game after you surrender?

Not immediately after you surrendered. Theoretically you’re still in the game, so if you want to start another game, it will say you’re participating in a game in progress. Once your Little Legend is killed (drops to 0 points), then you’re considered eliminated and you can join anther TFT game.

Patch 9.14 Fixed (somewhat) the Minion Drop Rates

The biggest complain many players had before the 9.14 Patch update was regarding the item drops from the minion rounds. There were some huge discrepancies in RNG that gave some players 4-5 basic items, while others got nothing, maybe 1 Gold and that’s all.

Of course, this lead to a lot of complaints regarding the randomness of the game, and in most cases, the players lost interested in that specific match, so they just wanted to quit. This sort of makes sense, considering the fact that all things being equal, a team with 2 upgraded items will almost always win versus a team with no items.

But the Patch 9.14 addressed somewhat this issue, now guaranteeing that winning a minion or monster rounds will reward you with either a basic item or with Gold.

I say it is somewhat addressed because in some cases it’s still preferable to get the items instead of the Gold, so of course there’s still a lot of debate on this topic. Most players want TFT to guarantee the same number of item drops for each player, so the randomness will be only in the item type.

But will that fix the problem? I personally don’t think so. Even if Riot will make this change and every player will get the same number of items from minions and monsters, then players will most probably complain about the “quality” of the items.

Admittedly, there are top tier items in each meta and for example, Ionic Spark, Spear of Shojin or Locket of the Iron Solari. So if someone gets the items to build and Ionic Spark and a Locket of the Iron Solari, the opponents might complain that they only got the items to build Titanic Hydra, which is useless early-game.

Do you really have to surrender?

Even though you didn’t get the best items from killing minions or monsters, this alone isn’t enough to make you surrender the game. You can always win a match versus an opponent with better items if you have a better team composition.

This means you shouldn’t give up just because your item drops aren’t as good as some of your opponents. You also have the chance to get these items from Shared Drafts rounds, where if you’re at the bottom of the standings, you get a higher priority pick, and this will allow you to chose the item or champion you need.

Ranking Top 4 in TFT gives you LP

Also, Patch 9.14 introduced the Ranked feature in TFT and now if you finish in top 4 places, you get LP (there were some random cases when position 4 actually resulted in a low amount of LP lost).

So while getting fewer or lower tier items in the early stage is frustrating, this doesn’t mean everything is over, there’s definitely a comeback opportunity and ranking in Top 4 constantly will get you ranking on the ladder.

What happens to the “team” after I surrender?

Nothing. Since TFT it’s not a team game and each player fights for his own win, if you quit, it won’t affect the remaining players. We get into more details below.

Does surrendering affect the other players?

Not at all, on the contrary, it helps them indirectly.

Unlike in all the other League of Legends game modes, where leaving will usually translate into your team losing the game, in TFT if you surrender, all the other players will defeat you in fights, this means you’ll lose more points, this means you are removed from the game faster.

Also, when you’re removed from the game, your champions are added back to the champion pool so the other players might get higher chances to find the needed units to level their champions up to 3 star.

This means if you surrender, it won’t affect anyone, but rather the remaining players will be glad because this means they’re all guaranteed +1 higher position, and of course a higher chance to get in top 4 to get LP.

When should I surrender in Teamfight Tactics?

Theoretically, never. As we’ve said before, you can always comeback and with better and smarter team compositions and synergies, you can still get a top 3 position that counts as a victory and gives you LP.

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