Why is Spatula Good? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

As a Teamfight Tactics beginner, you might wonder, why is Spatula good? And actually what does the Spatula do?

What makes it so OP that people prioritize it in Shared Drafts (also known as Champion Carousel), they go for 1 Gold champs that have Spatula, instead of picking higher Gold champions?

TFT: Why is Spatula Good?
TFT: Why is Spatula Good?

If you judge the Spatula item by its description, it seems useless “It must do something…” (here RIOT could have done a better job explaining a bit more this item), but actually it’s the best basic item in Teamfight Tactics in the current meta.

So if all the other basic TFT items give you some extra stats when you equip them, what makes Spatula so good? This is what we’ll discuss in this article.

What makes Spatula the best basic item in TFT?

Spatula is a basic item required for getting some of the top tier TFT items in the current meta, like Force of Nature, Darkin, Frozen Mallet or Runaan’s Hurricane.

Force of Nature – 2 x Spatula

TFT Force of Nature
TFT Force of Nature

Force of Nature is almost unanimously considered an S-tier item and definitely one of the best TFT items. You build it by combining 2 Spatulas on the same champ.

Force of Nature increases your champion limit on the map by 1. Meaning, if you’re level 5, having the Force of Nature will allow you to have 6 champions on the map.

Force of Nature is stackable, meaning if you have 2 of them in your team, you can have on the map 2 more champions than your current level. This is what makes Force of Nature an S-tier item, especially later in the game, considering you’re limited to 9 champions (max level player is 9).

One little detail not many players know is that you get the Force of Nature’s +1 benefit even though the item is equipped on a champion that’s “on the bench”, you don’t need to equip it on a champion that’s placed on the map.

Frozen Mallet – Spatula + Giant’s belt

TFT Frozen Mallet
TFT Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet is another top tier item in Teamfight Tactics because it will turn the champion that’s wearing it into a Glacial. This works great on a ranged carry and will help you get to 6 Glacials while still keeping one of your ranged carries, like a Level 3 Vayne, Varus or Draven (here’s our guide on how to get 3 star champions in TFT).

Imagine having a Varus with Rageblade, Rapidfire Cannon and Frozen Mallet that completes your 6 Glacial team comp. This grants him 45% for auto attacks to stun the target for 2 seconds, and if the fight takes more than 20 seconds or so, this will allow the Rageblade to stack the attack speed, this almost guaranteeing Varus to stun enemies every second.

How can you get the Golden Spatula item?

Just like any other TFT items, you can get Spatula from the Champion Carousel (Shared Draft rounds) or as item drop when you kill minions or monsters in PVE rounds.

Statistically speaking, the odds of getting Spatula from item drops are lower compared to other items, so your best option is to go for it in the Shared Draft rounds (there’s no official info from Riot regarding the item drop rate from monsters, but this is what we’ve seen statistically, across hundreds of games).

The problem is, people start to realize how strong Spatula is, that’s why almost every player will go for it in the Champion Carousel rounds. So, if you really want one, an option would be to intentionally lose games so you’re at the bottom of the standings (the players with lower health pick first in these rounds).

Keep in mind, though, that there’s a chance you won’t find a Spatula in every Shared Draft round, so don’t go all-in on this strategy.

What to choose between a Spatula and a full item in Shared Drafts?

In some Shared Draft rounds, you’ll find some champions having a full item, so you might wonder, should I go for Spatula or the full item?

Well, the answer is: it depends: does the full item fit nicely into your team comp, or suits very well one of your champs? Like for example, Rageblade is one of the best items to have on your ranged carries, so if you could get it, definitely go for it.

But maybe you have to chose between Knight’s Vow and Spatula. If you already have a Spatula in your inventory or you need it to build a better item, then go for the Spatula, because Knight’s Vow is a pretty useless item, especially in the late game.

Why is Spatula Good in Patch 9.15B

This is something that many guides don’t take into consideration, but this is actually a pretty solid buff for the Spatula item, which makes it even better than it was before.

Above we talked about the Force of Nature, which doesn’t give your champs any extra stats, like other items do, but instead it grants +1 for your team size. But all the other items that are made out of Spatula got a nice buff in patch 9.14, because they all offer double the stats that the other basic item offers.

Since Patch 9.14, Frozen Mallet grants 400 HP

Let’s take the Frozen Mallet example from above. The basic item Giant’s Belt by itself gives your champion 200 extra HP. By combining Giant’s Belt with Spatula, you get Frozen Mallet which not only makes your unit a Glacial, but also doubles the Giant’s Belt stats, which means your champion will get extra 400HP.

The same goes for all the other items that build out of Spatula, except the Force of Nature.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand why is Spatula good in the current meta.

Note: This article was last updated for patch 9.15, if the Spatula items will change during upcoming patches, we’ll do our best to update this as well.

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