[TFT] Why Some Champs Have Initial Starting Mana?

We’ve seen this question come up quite a few times on Reddit, Twitter or other TFT community boards, so we decided to quickly clarify this subject.

Why Some Champs Have Initial Starting Mana in TFT, while other have an empty mana bar?

As Adam Cohen (@RiotAfic) explained recently in one of his tweets, this is a balancing mechanism.

You already know that a champion uses his ability once his mana bar is filled up completely. But some champions have a larger mana bar, and in order to allow them to increase the chances of casting off their ulti at least once, they start the fight with a certain amount of mana (without taking into consideration the items that increase mana).

Rek’Sai starts with 50 Mana

Let’s take Rek’Sai for example.

TFT Rek'Sai Starting Mana
TFT Rek’Sai Starting Mana

She has a mana bar of 150 and she would need to auto-attack 15-20 times before her mana bar fills up so she can use her ability “Burrow”. Or she needs to take a lot of damage to regen all that mana, and probably won’t survive, because she’s quite squishy at level 1 (here’s our complete guide to mana regen in TFT).

But to balance things s bit and increase the chances of her getting to use her special ability at least once before she dies, she starts the fight with 50 mana.

This means that at the beginning of each fight, she needs to regen only 100 mana in order to be able to cast her ultimate. This translates to a 33% reduction (one third) of her mana need for the initial ulti, which is significant.

But after she uses her ability, the mana bar will reset to 0 and this time she needs to regen the entire 150 mana bar before she can use her ability again.

So, as you can see, this helps her only at the beginning of the fight.

Shen starts with 100 Mana (buffed in Patch 9.14, up from 50)

Let’s look at another similar example, Shen. He also has a mana bar of 150, but he starts the fight with 100 mana (this was recently changed in the TFT Patch 9.14 – you can find here all the important changes of the TFT Patch 9.14).

TFT Shen 100 Starting Mana Patch 9.14
TFT Shen 100 Starting Mana Patch 9.14

This is a pretty nice buff to Shen, because now he can use his ability “Spirit’s Refuge” 2 times faster than before, at the beginning of the round. That’s because in previous patch he needed 100 mana to fill up the mana bar, while now he needs only 50, which he will do pretty quickly, considering he’ll be in the front line, taking damage (if you didn’t know already, taking damage regens your mana; you can find here our ultimate guide that explains how mana regen works in TFT).

Pyke starts with 75 Mana

Another very popular champion that starts with mana is Pyke. He starts with 75 mana and has a mana pool of 125. And if you put the Tear of the Goddess on him, he’ll start with 95 mana, so he needs 3-4 attacks before he can cast his ability “Phantom Undertow”. That’s why you’ll see Pykes with Spear of Shojin on them (sometimes 2 of them stacked). This allows him to basically use his ulti right after his first attack (check this article for the best TFT Pyke items in current meta).

Pyke with Tear of the Goddess
Pyke with Tear of the Goddess

List of all Teamfight Tactics Champions Starting with Mana

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* These stats can change, since TFT is still in its early phases and the RIOT team tries to balances everything out. We try to keep this table updated, but if there’s any outdated stats in this table, please let us know in the comments below, so we can update it.

Hopefully this article helped you understand why some champs have initial starting mana in Teamfight Tactics. It’s just a balancing method for those champions that have a high mana bar, so starting with some mana will help them use their ability quicker.

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