How to Get Items in TFT (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Aug 14: Since Patch 9.16, in rare instances it’s now possible to drop a full completed item instead of the two components separately. We’re not sure what “rare instances” mean, but we’ll see how often this will happen.)

When I first started playing Teamfight Tactics I really had no idea how to get items in TFT. And then I realized many players have this question, so I decided to answer it in this short article.

Before we get right into it, I assume you already know how important Items are in TFT and that they can totally shift a game. That’s why it’s crucial for you to know how to get the best items for your champions.

How to get items in TFT? There are 2 Ways

Currently, there are 2 ways for you to get items in Teamfight Tactics and we’ll discuss them below. You have no control over the 1st method, but make sure to carefully read the 2nd method below, because that’s when you can chose what items to get.

How to Get Items in TFT
How to Get Items in TFT – Drops from Minions

Item Drops from Minions & Monsters Rounds

We’ll discuss this first, because you have no control over what you get in these rounds, so there isn’t much to say, unlike the next way to get items, which can win you or lose you the game.

In TFT you will fight 2 types of enemies: other enemy players and AI monsters, minions or drakes.

In the rounds where you are facing minions and monsters, whenever you kill them, you have a chance to get a mystery chest, which can contain either Gold (1 or more, up to 5 Gold) or a basic item.

You need to understand that this is totally random (also known as RNG), but at least in Patch 9.14, Riot tried to balance things out a bit by guaranteeing you to get at least one chest per minion or monster round win (this hasn’t changed in patch 9.15).

To pickup the mystery chests dropped from monsters you killed, you need to right-click with your mouse, so your Little Legend will move to that point and they will pickup the box. If there’s Gold in that chest, it will pop-out and drop on the map as well, so again you need send your Little Legend to pick it up, by right clicking on the Gold.

If there’s an item in the chest, it will automatically be moved to your Item Inventory, from where you can put it on whichever champion you want. But make sure you chose the champion wisely, because you can’t remove items from champions unless you sell that champion.

Items from Shared Drafts (Champion Carousel rounds)

This is where you can pick a specific item, but there’s some things you need to know about these rounds.

TFT Shared Draft (Champion Carousel Round)
TFT Shared Draft (Champion Carousel Round)

In the Shared Draft rounds, there are 10 Champions in the middle of the map, walking in a circle and each of them will have an item above their head (mostly basic items, but in some rounds you can find combined items as well). All 8 players are on the outside of the circle and when the round begins, the player with the lowest health points will pick first.

This is a catch-up mechanism so that players with a lower score have the option to pick whatever item they want, in order to have a chance to come back in the game.

In the 1st Shared Draft round (the actual first round when you start the game), you should always look to get Spatula or Recurve Bow. These are the best 2 basic items in the current meta. You can read this article to understand why is Spatula good.

Later in the game, in some Shared Draft rounds you can also find fully built items like Runaan’s Hurricane, which will probably get picked first by the players with the lowest health points.

This is why there’s also a strategy for you to intentionally lose early, so you get to pick first in the 2nd Shared Draft round and that will give you the option to fully complete and item you might need for a specific champion in your team.

Actually, intentionally losing so you’re at the bottom of the standings is a viable strategy, but be careful later in the game, because you might lose a lot of healt (points from your Little Legend) if you lose the fight and the enemy wins with many leveled up champions still alive.

We’re working on a detailed guide for Shared Draft rounds, make sure to read it.

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