Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning – The Ultimate Guide

How to position Garen in TFT

In this Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning Guide you’ll discover the best tips on how to position him on the map.

You’ve probably figured already that Garen is a melee tank, so he will always be in the front line. But that’s not all…

Because of his Unique Ability, Judgment, his positioning in Teamfight Tactics is very important.

Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning Guide
Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Garen being placed in the center of the map

When he has full mana, he starts spinning around with his sword for 4 seconds, becoming immune to magic damage and dealing 50 / 65 / 80 magic damage (depending on his level) to nearby enemies each second, with a maximum of damage dealt of 450 / 585 / 720.

Garen should (almost) always stay towards the center of the map

So, to maximize the damage he deals in your TFT games, always place him in a position towards the center of the board. This will increase the odds of him having 2-3 melee enemy units attacking him.

TFT Garen Positioned Between 3 Melee Enemy Units
TFT Garen Positioned Between 3 Melee Enemy Units

Now, you might think that it’s ideal to put him in an isolated position where he can get surrounded by maximum 6 melees (because of the hex map design of Teamfight Tactics, cells that aren’t on the sides have 6 adjacent cells).

But that’s not a great positioning for him simply because he will probably die before he gets to use his ultimate (or special ability). And also it’s smart to use him to protect your carries (here’s an in depth Teamfight Tactics positioning guide).

So while it’s ok for him to have multiple enemy champs around him while he’s spinning with the Judgment, he also has to live long enough to get off his ultimate.

Garen's Ultimate Dealing Damage to 3 Melee Units
Garen’s Ultimate Dealing Damage to 3 Melee Units

Garen can have a sick mana regen in Teamfight Tactics

Another thing to keep in mind is that champions in Teamfight Tactics get mana in 2 ways:

  1. When they auto attack
  2. When they receive damage

Besides this, there are 2 more things that affect mana regen: items and class-specific bonus. We already wrote an in depth guide on Teamfight Tactics mana regen, we won’t get into more details here.

The main idea is, the more damage a unit is taking, the more mana they regen. So Garen being in the front line, he will fill his mana bar quickly, assuming he’s tanky enough to survive.

Also, keep in mind that the Knight Class bonus allows Knights to block 20, 40 or 80 damage from basic attacks. Or the Nobles buff which can grant him +100 armor.

This means he will take less damage, while still regenerating mana, since the amount of regenerated mana is calculated from the pre-mitigated damage.

Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning & Items

We usually don’t recommend wasting the items on Garen, because in most cases you’ll only need him to survive early to mid game, then you’ll sell it once you get to the late game (assuming you’re not going for the 6 Nobles team comp).

But if you still need him to be tanky early game, you can put on him S-tier combined items that you could use in the late game on other champs, once you sell Garen.

At the moment of writing this article, in the current meta, the top tier items for the late game that are worth putting on Garen are Zephyr, Force of Nature, Frozen Heart and Thornmail (I’ve seen some top players putting Morellonomicon or Rabadon’s Deathcap on him too, with decent success). You can read more about TFT Garen build in this article.

Patch 9.15B Update: Morello on Garen still seems to be a strong option, even though Morello’s Burn got nerfed to 20% damage.

Also, in order for him to be effective, he needs to be at least level 2 (although level 3 is usually what you should aim for, here’s how to level up champions in TFT), but that’s quite easy to get considering the higher drop rates in your early levels.

TFT Garen’s Positioning in Rounds vs AI Minions, Monsters and Dragons

In the final section of this guide we’ll discuss the best positioning tips for Garen versus the AI minions. You’ll fight them in the first 3 rounds and then in the 6th round of every stage.

Garen vs Minions

In the first 2 rounds vs minions, the positioning doesn’t really matter. You will 100% win those rounds, no matter where you place your champions.

Garen vs Gromps

In the 3rd round vs Gromps you should position Garen and your other units in such way that they always focus one Gromp at a time.

Garen vs Krugs

Round 9 (stage 2, round 6) is the 1st real challenge you’ll encounter vs AI monsters. Here you’ll fight against 3 Krugs, 2 placed on the left side, one on the right side. The challenge here is that one of the Krugs dies, the other Krugs heal up to full HP.

That’s why it’s important here to place Garen and your other units in the right side of the map, so they can all focus and kill faster the right Krug (if you have assassins, put them in the bottom-left, so they will jump on the right Krug as well). After this, your units will usually randomly attack those 2 remaining Krugs, but considering the fact that they’ll come from the left, the optimal position is in the first row, 3rd cell from the right. This will make the other 2 Krugs from the right focus him, while your entire team kill the right Krug.

TFT Garen Positioning in Krugs Round
TFT Garen’s Positioning in Krugs Round

Garen vs Wolves

In round 15 (stage 3, round 6) you’ll fight the Wolves, 4 Murk Wolves and 1 Greater Murk Wolf. What’s special about this round is that the wolves are assassins, so at the beginning of the round, they will go invisible for half second and then jump on the farthest unit.

That’s why, in this case, you want to move Garen in the middle line and put it in the left side of your other units, so he will be the one focused by the wolves.

Garen's Placement vs Wolves in Teamfight Tactics
Garen’s Placement vs Wolves in Teamfight Tactics

Garen vs Raptors

In Round 21 (stage4, round 6) you’ll fight 5 Raptors (4 small Raptors & 1 Crimson Raptor). Up to this point you should already have a strong team, so there’s not a lot of strategy involved here. Just put some beefy tanks (like Garen) in the front line, so the Raptors focus them.

The “trick” here is that once a Raptor dies, the other Raptors get enraged and become Crimson Raptors, gaining attack speed. So one effective strategy here would be for you to spread your team so they will focus on all Raptors at the same time. This way, when any of the Raptors dies, there others are also pretty damaged and you’ll kill them easier, even though they got stronger.

Garen vs Infernal Dragon

In Round 27 (stage 5, round 6) you’ll find your first real boss monster, which is the Infernal Drake. The main issue with him is that he has increased magic resist, so if you’re running a Sorcerers or Elementalists team comps, you’ll struggle quite a lot.

The other issue is that Infernal Drake does AOE damage, and he can one-shot squishy champions even if they’re lvl 2. The best positioning strategy here is to spread your champions, so the AOE damage dealth to the front line won’t kill your carries in the backline also.

Another great strategy is to put your tanks in one side of the map, and your damage dealing units on the other side. In this way, when the round starts, the Infernal Drake will focus first on the tank units, giving some time to your rangers and mages to deal damage.

So if yo still have Garen at this point (usually only if you run 6 Nobles team comp, otherwise he’s pretty weak, even at level 3), you should place it on the left side along with your other tanks, and on the right side put the carries like Ashe, Vayne, Draven.

Finally, the last tip here is that Glacials can help you a lot in dealing with the Infernal Drake, stunning him quite often, giving your carries enough time to take him down.

Garen vs Rift Herald

Rift Herald is quite easy to defeat, you just need to know how to position your units vs him. The most important thing to consider here is that at the beginning of the fight, he will charge forward and start attacking the closest units to him.

That’s why, the best strategy to defeat the Rift Herald is to divide your units into 3 groups. In the middle put one or two tanks, like Garen, and on the sides put your damage carries. When the Rift Herald will charge, he will focus the tanks first, giving your carries enough time to damage him

Garen vs Elder Dragon

Here, the positioning strategy should be the same as the one for Infernal Dragon. The only difference is Elder Dragon deals much more damage. He can 2-shot even the level 2 tanks. Again, he’s got increased magic resist, so if you have a full magic damage team comp, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to defeat him.

The best comp to kill Elder Dragon relies in having buffed ranged carries, like Draven or Varus, helped by some Glacials that can CC him. And as usual, if you have a beefy tank like Garen level 3, you should position him in the front, on one side of the map, while your Varus, Ashe, Draven and the other damage dealers will be on the other side.

For a great in-depth guide on how to position in the rounds vs AI monsters, you can watch this video from Drybear:

And a juicy bonus for reading till the end:

Garen 1v5 early and mid game with a troll build: Warmog, Phantom Dancer, Hextech Gunblade

Spoiler alert: he still falls down in the late game, but in this case it was the composition that didn’t really help him.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you did, please share it with others, so they can benefit as well. Our goal is to help as many players as possible learn how to get better at TFT and this Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning Guide is just one of the many pro guides you’ll find in the Guides section available in the top menu.

If there’s anything that we missed or you find a mistake in the article, please share it win the comments below. We do our best to keep all our articles updated, but since TFT is in its early stages, a lot of things change and while we do our best to update our articles to reflect the current meta, human error is unavoidable, so we might still have outdated info in some articles.

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