7/31 Micropatch Bugfixes & Other Changes for TFT Patch 9.15

TFT Patch 9.15 brought some huge updates to the game, but with it, some bugs also appeared. Some of them were so stupid, they literally broke the meta.

TFT Patch 9.15 Micropatch Bugfixes
TFT Patch 9.15 Micropatch Bugfixes

Since they’ve been quickly discovered and reported on Reddit and LOL Boards, Riot rushed to fix them, and they did a pretty good job releasing a fix so quickly.

7/31 Micropatch Bugfixes

Here’s the list of bugfixes released in the Micropatch 7/31, shared by Riot Mort on twitter:

  • Akali’s spell now properly crits 20% of the time, down from always
  • Ionic Sparl now works properly against Assassins on an away board
  • Cho’Gath’s spell damage reverted to 200/400/600
  • Mordekaiser’s HP properly set to 550
  • Thornmail’s damage type has been changed from True Damage to mafic Damage
  • Fixed a but where a single Frozen Heart could apply multiple stacks of its debuff

These are some pretty important fixes to some bugs that literally made the game not fun to play.

For example, after the Patch 9.15 updates, Akali’s spell had 100% crit chance on her ulti, which was literally melting through the enemy’s carries.

Frozen Heart was also bugged because previously it could stack its own debuff multiple times, and a Pyke with Frozen Heart and a Spear of Shojin would simply ult every 2 seconds, and the units he jumped over would be defubbed again by him, resulting in some very low attack speeds, where carries like Vayne or Draven only got to auto attack 2-3 times in a 10-second match.

Riot Mort also confirmed that Assassins applying the Frozen Heart debuff over the units they jump it’s not a bug, this is actually intended. He also confirmed that in TFT Frozen Hearts stack, though the effect is reduced. What wasn’t intended was the self-stacking of a single Frozen Heart, which was fixed in this Micropatch.

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