[TFT] Pyke + Frozen Heart Stacking Literally Broke the Meta

Update: This bug has already been fixed (somewhat) in a Micropatch, as explained below

“TFT is officially broken right now”.

This is the title of a Reddit thread in the r/TeamfightTactics subreddit. And this is totally justifiable. TFT Patch 9.15 came with some pretty disgusting bugs, and one of them has to do with Frozen Heart staking its own debuff.

[TFT] Pyke + Frozen Heart Stacking Literally Broke the Meta
[TFT] Pyke + Frozen Heart Stacking Literally Broke the Meta
Now, we need to make things clear. People complain about 2 things mostly:

  1. one is related to a bug that Riot confirmed and quickly fixed in a matter of hours with 31/7 Micropatch release. This had to do with Frozen Heart Stacking its own debuff.
  2. the other thing has to do with Frozen Heart stacking in general, which is something that’s actually working as intended, as confirmed by Riot Mort on twitter.

We already talked about Frozen Heart Stacking in a different article, here we’ll discuss only the actual bug that refers to Frozen Heart.

The interaction works best on Pyke because of his movement.

  • At the beginning of the round, he jumps on the farthest enemy. During his, all enemy units jumped by Pyke will get their attack speed reduced by the Frozen Heart.
  • Since Pyke starts with a lot of mana from the 2-3 Frozen Hearts stacked on him, he will immediately use his Ability to dash across the map behind the furthest enemy, stunning all units along that way. The Frozen Buff slow will be applied again and it will stack, if the champions have already been slowed by Pyke’s initial jump. So if Pyke has 2 Frozen Hearts on him, these units will have the Attack Speed slowed 4 times by the Frozen Heart Stacking.
  • This translates into these units having the attack slowed down to numbers stupidly low, like 0.2, which basically means they will attack once every 5 seconds. And this gets worse if there are more Frozen Hearts on the map.

We already discussed about multiple Frozen Hearts stacking, which is how it’s actually intended. The bug was that a single Frozen Heart will apply multiple stacks, so a Pyke with 2 Frozen Hearts, jumping over the enemies and then dashing through them again, the slow effect will be applied 4 times instead of just 2.

So we need to point again the fact that Pyke with Frozen Heart is intended to apply the slow to the units he’s jumping over at the beginning of the fight and to those he dashes through with his Ability. This is confirmed already. Whether or not this has to be changed, it’s a totally different thing, but can’t be considered a bug.

Patch 9.15 Easy LP Boosting Team Comps

While we don’t encourage bug exploiting to boost your rankings, this is what’s happened literally in the past 24h and if you want to play TFT, you have 2 options:

  • you play ranked and exploit these bugs as well so you can have a chance
  • or you play normal games just for fun, where it doesn’t matter that much if you exploit them or not (other than making the game not fun for the other players)

It’s been confirmed by players around the world that in almost all regions, at the higher level, some players abused these bugs to boost their rankings overnight.

That’s not ethical and we don’t encourage it, that’s why, after we found out about these bugs, we decided not to play any ranked TFT games till these bugs get fixed.

Currently, any team with Pyke level 2 stacked with 2-3 Frozen Hearts and 4 voids should be enough. It’s up to you which other champions you want to use to fill the team, it’s an auto-win pretty much.

Later Update: August 1st

Riot immediately released a Micropatch that fixed the Frozen Heart bug and other bugs as well, you can read all about this update in this post.

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