What Does Disarm Do in TFT? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

If you’re new to Teamfight Tactics, you might wonder what does disarm do in TFT? Is it worth buying the Sword Breaker?

TFT: What Does Disarm Do?

Disarm is a form of Crowd Control that disables basic attacks. Basically, a champion that’s disarmed can’t auto-attack for the duration of this effect.

TFT Sword Breaker: Disarm your enemies

TFT Sword Breaker: What Does Disarm Do?
TFT Sword Breaker: What Does Disarm Do?

There is an item in TFT that does just this: Sword Breaker. It has a 25% chance on-hit to Disarm for 4 seconds the unit being attacked. Also, since it’s built out of a Chain Vest and a Negatron Cloak, it also grants the champion that’s wearing it 20 Armor and 20 Magic Resist.

This makes it very effective versus units that rely heavily on basic attacks, like a level 2 Draven with Rageblade, Bloodthirster and Rapid Firecannon. Basically, it is good versus Varus or any other ranged carry with attack speed items on them.

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How to Remove Items from a Champion in TFT?

This is a pretty common question among players that are new to TFT: how can I remove items from a champion?

The simple answer is: you can’t just remove them, it doesn’t work like adding an item to unit, where you need to drag and drop the item on top of the champion.

This is why it’s frustrating for new players, but the implications of this are even more important.

How to Remove Items from a Champion in TFT?

Currently, there’s only way to remove items from a champ in TFT and that is to sell that unit.

That’s why it’s important to think twice before you put an item on any of your units and I’ll explain this below.

TFT: How to Remove Items from a Champion
TFT: How to Remove Items from a Champion

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How to Get Items in TFT (Updated for Patch 9.20)

(Aug 14: Since Patch 9.16, in rare instances it’s now possible to drop a full completed item instead of the two components separately. We’re not sure what “rare instances” mean, but we’ll see how often this will happen.)

When I first started playing Teamfight Tactics I really had no idea how to get items in TFT. And then I realized many players have this question, so I decided to answer it in this short article.

Before we get right into it, I assume you already know how important Items are in TFT and that they can totally shift a game. That’s why it’s crucial for you to know how to get the best items for your champions.

How to get items in TFT? There are 2 Ways

Currently, there are 2 ways for you to get items in Teamfight Tactics and we’ll discuss them below. You have no control over the 1st method, but make sure to carefully read the 2nd method below, because that’s when you can chose what items to get.

How to Get Items in TFT
How to Get Items in TFT – Drops from Minions

Item Drops from Minions & Monsters Rounds

We’ll discuss this first, because you have no control over what you get in these rounds, so there isn’t much to say, unlike the next way to get items, which can win you or lose you the game.

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[TFT] Does Runaan’s apply on hit effects in TFT? (Patch 9.20)

Patch 9.15B Update: Runaan’s damage was buffed from 25% to 75%. You can read full TFT Patch 9.15B notes here.

Runaan’s Hurricane is considered by many experienced TFT players a top tier item in Teamfight Tactics, so most beginners just follow their advice and build Runaan’s on champions like Ashe or Vayne, without asking themselves why is it good on certain champions.

Does Runaan’s apply on hit effects in TFT?

One of the most common questions regarding Runaan’s in TFT is if it applies on-hit effects, as it does in League of Legends.

The short answer is: YES, it does.

Does Runaan's Hurricane apply on hit effects in TFT?
Does Runaan’s Hurricane apply on hit effects in TFT?

In Patch 9.14, Runaan’s Hurricane has been updated, and it now does apply on-hit effects. This is actually a major buff for it, even though it now attacks only 1 additional target for only 25% (previously it fired 2 additional attacks and they dealt 50% damage each).

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What Does Spatula Do in TFT? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

Patch 9.19 Update

6 Knights 4 Imperials or 6 Knights 2 Rangers are top tier this meta, which makes every lobby have at least 1-2 players rushing for Spatula in order to get a Knight’s Vow to get the 6 knights buff.

Many new Teamfight Tactic players often wonder what does Spatula do in TFT? Its description says nothing about it, so is it worth going after in Shared Draft Rounds?


What Does Spatula Do in TFT
What Does Spatula Do in TFT

Spatula is one of the best basic items in the game in the current meta (we consider it S-tier, being top 2 alongside the Recurve Bow) and we already wrote another in-depth article explaining why is Spatula good in TFT.

But in this article we’ll focus on explaining what it does and how to use it.

What Does Spatula do in TFT?

The short answer is: by itself, it does nothing; but combined with other basic items, it upgrades into some of the most powerful items in the game in the current meta. (Note: The S-tier items list might change considering TFT is in its early stages so the game is updated quite often; we’ll do our best to keep the articles on this website updated for the recent patches).

There are 8 unique items that require Spatula in their recipe, and 6 of them change your unit Class or Origin, while the other 2 give you other perks.

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TFT How To Level Up Champions to 3 Stars (Plus 5 PRO Tips)

We’re back with another short, quick and useful guide on TFT: How to Level Up Champions.

You have to admit, TFT needs needs to make a better job explaining the basics of the game to the new players, both new to this game mod in the League of Legends client, but also for those new to the Auto Chess game type.

TFT How To Level Up Champions
TFT How To Level Up Champions – 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star Darius – Image Source

TFT: How to Level Up Champions

We’ve seen a lot of beginner players asking in different communities how can they level up their units in Teamfight Tactics. This is pretty easy to explain once you understand how leveling up works.

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Why is Spatula Good? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

As a Teamfight Tactics beginner, you might wonder, why is Spatula good? And actually what does the Spatula do?

What makes it so OP that people prioritize it in Shared Drafts (also known as Champion Carousel), they go for 1 Gold champs that have Spatula, instead of picking higher Gold champions?

TFT: Why is Spatula Good?
TFT: Why is Spatula Good?

If you judge the Spatula item by its description, it seems useless “It must do something…” (here RIOT could have done a better job explaining a bit more this item), but actually it’s the best basic item in Teamfight Tactics in the current meta.

So if all the other basic TFT items give you some extra stats when you equip them, what makes Spatula so good? This is what we’ll discuss in this article.

What makes Spatula the best basic item in TFT?

Spatula is a basic item required for getting some of the top tier TFT items in the current meta, like Force of Nature, Darkin, Frozen Mallet or Runaan’s Hurricane.

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[TFT] Why Some Champs Have Initial Starting Mana?

TFT Rek'Sai Starting Mana

We’ve seen this question come up quite a few times on Reddit, Twitter or other TFT community boards, so we decided to quickly clarify this subject.

Why Some Champs Have Initial Starting Mana in TFT, while other have an empty mana bar?

As Adam Cohen (@RiotAfic) explained recently in one of his tweets, this is a balancing mechanism.

You already know that a champion uses his ability once his mana bar is filled up completely. But some champions have a larger mana bar, and in order to allow them to increase the chances of casting off their ulti at least once, they start the fight with a certain amount of mana (without taking into consideration the items that increase mana).

Rek’Sai starts with 50 Mana

Let’s take Rek’Sai for example.

TFT Rek'Sai Starting Mana
TFT Rek’Sai Starting Mana

She has a mana bar of 150 and she would need to auto-attack 15-20 times before her mana bar fills up so she can use her ability “Burrow”. Or she needs to take a lot of damage to regen all that mana, and probably won’t survive, because she’s quite squishy at level 1 (here’s our complete guide to mana regen in TFT).

But to balance things s bit and increase the chances of her getting to use her special ability at least once before she dies, she starts the fight with 50 mana.

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Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning – The Ultimate Guide

Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning Guide

How to position Garen in TFT

In this Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning Guide you’ll discover the best tips on how to position him on the map.

You’ve probably figured already that Garen is a melee tank, so he will always be in the front line. But that’s not all…

Because of his Unique Ability, Judgment, his positioning in Teamfight Tactics is very important.

Teamfight Tactics Garen Positioning Guide
Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Garen being placed in the center of the map

When he has full mana, he starts spinning around with his sword for 4 seconds, becoming immune to magic damage and dealing 50 / 65 / 80 magic damage (depending on his level) to nearby enemies each second, with a maximum of damage dealt of 450 / 585 / 720.

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