Why is Spatula Good? (Updated for Patch 9.20)

As a Teamfight Tactics beginner, you might wonder, why is Spatula good? And actually what does the Spatula do?

What makes it so OP that people prioritize it in Shared Drafts (also known as Champion Carousel), they go for 1 Gold champs that have Spatula, instead of picking higher Gold champions?

TFT: Why is Spatula Good?
TFT: Why is Spatula Good?

If you judge the Spatula item by its description, it seems useless “It must do something…” (here RIOT could have done a better job explaining a bit more this item), but actually it’s the best basic item in Teamfight Tactics in the current meta.

So if all the other basic TFT items give you some extra stats when you equip them, what makes Spatula so good? This is what we’ll discuss in this article.

What makes Spatula the best basic item in TFT?

Spatula is a basic item required for getting some of the top tier TFT items in the current meta, like Force of Nature, Darkin, Frozen Mallet or Runaan’s Hurricane.

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